As Cyclists, triathletes and exercise enthusiasts we are familiar with gripper elastic in the hems and edges of our activewear apparel. This elastic serves the very important function of keeping our clothing in place as we pedal, run, jump, twist and otherwise move.  When the elastic frays or just plain wears out and loses its ability to do its job, we run the risk of having a major wardrobe malfunction.  Who wants that in the middle of a workout or worse yet, a race?  As you can see, the leg gripper in these fabulous shorts had a bad case of the frays, making them pretty much useless.  I am sure they were wearable but before long they would be creeping up the cyclist’s legs and causing all kinds of discomfort and distraction.  A quick replacement with new gripper elastic brought these shorts back to their former high standards and ready to once again, do their job.

If your elastic fails or if your favorite workout gear needs some TLC, before you decide to discard the item, give me a call and together we will check it out and determine if a simple fix can give your favorite workout gear new life.