I didn’t race much this season and therefore didn’t give a lot of thought to my racing wardrobe. When one of the few races in which I did participate was just a week away I suffered from a real dilemma, I didn’t have anything to wear! At the end of August, I participated in the Olympic Aquabike at The Cranberry Trifest and the week prior to the race I got busy sewing my new tri kit. I wanted something unique, comfortable and of course, with a custom fit. The moisture wicking fabric started as a large panel that I strategically cut to make the best use of the design. For the shorts I used a recycled tri-specific chamois pad from a pair of my favorite but worn out shorts. I then added a few small pockets to both the top and the shorts to carry essentials. At the last minute, I made some coordinating arm warmers, just in case! This kit functioned beautifully and kept me comfortable throughout the swim and the  bike. What can I make for your next race or workout?