What happens when your favorite workout gear doesn’t fit properly, is torn, snagged, or has unravelled stitches (you know the one where you pull just one little thread and the entire hem or seam unravels)? Don’t throw them away! Instead, give me a call and if possible, I will repair or alter your item for you.

When Hank, the dog, enthusiastically came into contact with someone wearing leggings with a mesh insert, well, you know what comes next, contact from one paw creates a good tear in the mesh and pretty much ruined them. Using my cover stitch  machine, I added a small patch and created a darning effect to repair the hole. They now have an “artistic” element but are totally wearable.

You have all seen cyclists riding around in their very fitted tops and shorts, AKA, ‘Kits’. But too tight is not a good thing. My friend “Tall” Paul’s cycling bibs were a little too short through the torso so he was not wearing them and they were cast aside for more comfortable shorts. I cut the shoulder seam and added a 2” extension to give Paul a little extra room so he can wear his bibs and cycle in comfort this season.